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29 February 2012

Launch of Tork Report 3

Sustainability is the subject of Tork Report Issue 3, which is now available for download via the Tork website.

"Sustainabiity - the whole story" discusses how important the concept is for the future of our world - and how it also makes good business sense.

The Tork Report is a series of thought leadership pieces designed to inform industry players about important topics such as hygiene, cost-efficiency and sustainability. The series was originally available in a printed format, but can now be read online or downloaded as a PDFs.

“The Tork Report is an invaluable tool for end-customers and we have received very positive feedback about the series,” said SCA marketing communications co-ordinator Jamie Wright. "Tork Report 3 provides some important insights into the topic of sustainability." 

Tork Report 1 covers the topic of hygiene at home and at work and assesses an employee’s risk of contracting an illness. It also looks at the cost of absenteeism to businesses and considers how to reduce the risk of staff becoming ill.

Tork Report 2 deals with cost in use and how this should be considered over all else - even above the face price of a product - when making purchasing decisions.

Look out for Tork Report 4 which will deal with the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility and will appear on the website in April.

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