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09 May 2012

Tork launches ergonomic packaging system

A new packaging system designed to make life easier for cleaners and facilities managers was launched on the Tork stand at ISSA-Interclean.

Tork Easy Handling™ packaging is a unique system that helps to prevent stress injuries while improving ergonomics and efficiency. It also helps to cut costs for FM companies since staff spend less time transporting and opening Tork Easy Handling™ packaging packs of products.

“Cleaners spend a significant part of the day refilling paper towel, napkin and toilet paper holders,” says Kristian Grennfelt, packaging development and industrial design centre manager for Tork. “These products arrive at end-customers’ premises in packages that must be received, lifted, transported, carried, opened, folded and discarded.

“Our analysis of each task has produced a solution that helps to ease the strain on cleaning personnel’s backs while also saving them time, which is a good long-term investment for the company as well.”

Tork Easy Handling™ packaging introduces a number of functions that improve efficiency and ergonomics. New handles allow the cleaner to carry two cardboard boxes at a time - one in each hand - which is more ergonomically sound.

The containers are also easier to open without the use of sharp tools such as scissors or knives and include features for different finger sizes. All the functions have been designed to be as intuitive as possible so that cleaners can easily see and understand them.

“The new packaging will be of particular interest to FM companies since labour represents 70 per cent of a cleaning company’s costs,” said SCA product and segment manager Charlotte Branwhite.

“This means that if cleaners save time on carrying around product boxes and disposing of them when empty, they will have more time to focus on other cleaning tasks.”

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