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Tork Outlook

Looking to the future

Tork outlook is a new series of interviews with senior figures in our industry and asks them to consider how they see their business world changing and evolving over the next few years. We ask them how those changes might affect what they do and how they might change what their organisations do.

 Issue 1 an interview with Andrew Large, Chief Executive CSSA - Cleaning & Support Services Association

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Issue 1 looks at the challenges the cleaning industry faces on a daily basis

Often it is the small and seemingly insignificant changes in our working environment that go on to have the biggest influence on our businesses and the way they work. Through interviewing influential figures in our industry, we are looking to make it easier for you to identify what those social, economic and technological developments might be, that will go on to affect all our business lives in the future.




"The understanding of the relationship between cleaning and human health is one that will continue to grow"
Andrew Large