Tork Advanced Napkins

  • Tork Advanced Napkins
  • Tork Advanced Napkins

Article: 17081

Colour: White

EAN: 9011111170811

Product certificates

Food contact approved certified by a third party 38886 U 14
Food contact approved certified by a third party 38886 U 14
EU Ecolabel SE/04/01
EU Ecolabel SE/04/01

Product data

Unfolded Length40 cm
Unfolded Width39.6 cm
Folded Length20 cm
Folded Width9.9 cm

Shipping data

Consumer unit

Height110 mm
Width200 mm
Length400 mm
Volume8.8 dm3
Net weight1228 g
Gross weight1275 g

Transport unit

Consumer units8
Height408 mm
Width412 mm
Length412 mm
Volume69.3 dm3
Net weight9.8 kg
Gross weight11 kg
Packing materialCarton

Environmental info


Virgin pulp, fibres, Chemicals


Virgin fibre Virgin pulp fibres are produced out of softwood or hardwood. The process is either sulphite or sulphate delignification, meaning that e.g. lignins and resins are removed from cellulosic material.

Bleaching of fibres

Bleaching is a cleaning process of the fibres and the aim is to achieve a bright pulp, but also to get a certain purity of the fibre in order to achieve the demands for hygiene products and in some cases to meet the requirements for food safety. There are different methods used today for bleaching ECF (elementary chlorine free( where chlorine dioxide is used, and TCF (totally chlorine free) where ozone, oxygen and hydrogen peroxide is used.


The chemicals used in the process as well as the functional chemicals are assessed from an environmental, occupational health and safety and product safety point of view . The used functional chemicals are: Dry strength agent Dye Fixing agents Fluorescent whitening agent Glue Softeners The process chemicals are: Antipitch Protection agent Yankee coating Defoamer Dispersing agents and surfactants pH and charge control Retention aids Broke treatment chemicals Drainage aid

Product safety

The product fulfils the legislative requirements for food safety. Packaging Fulfilment of Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (94/62/EC): Yes
Date of issue 2007-04-10
Revision date  2010-01-26


This product is produced at Ortmann mill, Austria, and certified according to ISO 9001:2000 and EMAS.


Napkins are suitable in normal waste handling systems by the community.Used products should not be handled over to recycling systems.

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