Studies & Collaborations

Studies & Collaborations


Tork is a proud member of WHO's POPS initiativePOPS_square.jpg

POPS (Private Organisations for Patient safety) was established by WHO in 2012 as an industry collaboration to advance improvements around safer healthcare globally. Members of POPS work collaboratively to minimise healthcare associated infections (HAIs) and save patients’ lives around the world, by improving the uptake of WHO recommendations and increasing usage of hand sanitisers in healthcare facilities. Tork has been a proud member of POPS since 2015, and we are dedicated to contributing to safer healthcare around the world.

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80% of healthcare workers want better hand hygiene trainingCorporate champion_square.jpg

In a new survey of more than 1,000 nurses and physicians, 6 in 10 would like hand hygiene to be given higher priority in their ward, and as many as 8 in 10 said they would like to receive better hand hygiene training.*

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*Tork Survey, 2019

Julian Guest et. al. 2019

Costs and consequences of reducing healthcare-associated infections by improving hand hygieneModelling-cost-and-consequences_PIC.jpg 

A recent study shows the consequences of introducing an electronic monitoring system for hand hygiene in an average hospital in England, indicates that improved hand hygiene practices can be cost-effective and deliver improved efficiency and
quality of care.
Tork empowers you with the products, tools and knowledge to be ready for maximum hand hygiene compliance. 
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Julian Guest et. al. 2020

Annual costs and outcomes attributable to healthcare-associated infections in NHS

A recent study published in BMJ Open models the burden of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) to the National Health Service (NHS) in England in terms of cost, resource utilisation and patient consequences.
Tork offers a flexible range of solutions that can be easily implemented in strategic and critical healthcare locations. We encourage and help you to keep hand hygiene in line of sight and top of mind.
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