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Essity and Tork PaperCircle winner of the Cleaning Industry Environmental Business award


On October 22, Essity was awarded with the Swedish Cleaning Industry Environmental Business award, highlighting Tork PaperCircle - a one-of-a-kind circular service - as the example of how Essity works to enable a circular society.

Tork PaperCircle is an innovative circular service that enables the sorting, collection and recycling of paper hand towels into new tissue products. Building on strong partnerships along the entire recycling value chain. Distributors, facility management, employees, and recycling partner are all important in making the circular service work. Making it possible to use tissue fibers again – turning waste into a valuable resource.
This year, Tork PaperCircle and Essity is the winner of the Cleaning Industry Environmental Business award in Sweden. The award, decided by a jury with members from the Swedish Cleaning Industry, was motivated with the following:
"With Tork PaperCircle®, Essity contributes to moving from words to action towards a circular society. Taking a product and recovering it in a closed system is something unique. Reducing waste and emissions is something all companies must strive towards, not tomorrow but now. Essity are taking a lead and shows us that it is possible."
Miljöpris.jpg– It feels great that Tork PaperCircle is gaining this kind of attention so quickly. Already several businesses and municipalities have contacted us and want to implement the service.  This award is yet another proof point that sustainable solutions are sought after, especially those who are simple, smart and benefit the environment, says Helena Taghizadeh, Regional Marketing Manager, Tork at Essity.
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