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Setting the table for an unforgettable winter time dinner

After spending some time outside and it starts to getting cold, it's nice to come inside and have a nice warm meal

There’s a saying that goes: ‘It only takes a ray of light to chase away all the darkness’. This perfectly aligns with our seasonal table setting. Inspired by light, wintery landscapes, and the enchanted mystique of a dark forest. For this setting, we chose to arrange the decorations around white dinner plates. By then adding seasonal flowers and log slices, lit by candles, we've set the tone for an unforgettable dinner moment.
Take advantage of your grey areas
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As a complement to the white and drab colour palette, we chose LinStyle® Dinner Napkins in white and anthracite. With the look and feel of real textile, LinStyle® is noticeably softer and bulkier than standard paper napkins. It will bring an elegant feeling of linen to the table yet without the hassle of sorting, washing, and ironing before each sitting. The rich anthracite colour is also a perfect match when you want to bring in a softer tone. Wrapping two dinner napkins around each other make a simple, yet classy, menu card holder.
Leave it to Mother Nature
Natural elements are the way to go when setting a wintertime dinner table. We, therefore, leave the rest in the hands of Mother Nature herself. Log slices makes perfect coasters for the live candles. Use seasonal flowers to add colour.
Chill, winter is finally here. Have a great one.
Here’s your table setting checklist:
  1. LinStyle® Dinner Napkins add elegance, with the look and feel of real textile.
  2. Colours– combine a neutral baseline colourscheme – accentuate with colours from nature.
  3. Bring on the wintery mood with live candles.
Tork products used for the table setting:
  • Tork LinStyle® White Dinner Napkin, Art. 478711
  • Tork LinStyle® Anthracite Dinner Napkin, Art. 478882