Tailoring cleaning to real needs

At World Trade Center in Amsterdam, Tork EasyCube® has brought a whole new level of control to the team. The real-time data in the soft-ware empowers cleaners to do exactly what’s needed and where, so all unnecessary routines are eliminated. 
EasyCube_digital cleaning.tif

Fewer hours, fewer complaints

The time it takes to clean washrooms in World Trade Center Amsterdam (WTC) has been reduced by 27%, while availability of towels and toilet paper has shot up to nearly 100%. As a result, the number of complaints has dropped to an absolute minimum.

Knowing what’s needed means no time wasted

The use of the different areas and floors of a building varies. But with real-time information on cleaning needs, cleaners don’t need to spend the whole day going back and forth to check every area. With this new logic for cleaning, both time and money are saved.