A new era in cleaning!

One year after implementing Tork EasyCube®, the team at World Trade Center in Amsterdam is happy to vouch for data-driven cleaning. 
“It has made our work easier” says Suzanne van Westering, Area Manager for D&B The Facility Group.

Knowing what’s needed means no time wasted

Connected devices throughout the whole building complex collect data on refill levels and visitor numbers. With real-time information, cleaners don’t need to spend the whole day going back and forth to check every area.
EasyCube_tablet_connected cleaning rectangular.tif

Improve quality and save money

Tork EasyCube enables the team to improve quality while keeping costs low, which is a unique combination in the cleaning industry. The evidence is clear; time spent cleaning washrooms has been reduced by 27%, while availability of towels and toilet paper has shot up to nearly 100%.