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Data-driven cleaning and rollercoasters equal happy visitors!

At the central Stockholm amusement park Gröna Lund, the cleaning needs are disruptive. Visitors vary from 5,000 one day to 20,000 the next. Tork EasyCube® is just the tool they need to ensure good quality.
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A visit begins and ends with a washroom visit

Around the amusement park there are 80 toilets, which are visited just as frequently as any other attraction. Customer surveys have identified washrooms as an increasingly important factor in visitors’ overall per-ception.

Respond to complaints before they happen

Connected devices deliver real-time data on visitor numbers and refill levels. With the help of this data, cleaners know exactly where they need to clean, what tasks have to be carried out and what items to bring for the next round. It helps cleaners address refill and cleaning needs before they become a problem.