Introducing the LinStyle® line of luxury-feel napkins

Softer and thicker than standard paper napkins, the extra absorbent LinStyle® napkins impart a high-end dining experience at a fraction of the overall cost of linen napkins. Achieve the luxurious look and feel of linen while enjoying the simple efficiency of single-use, disposable napkins.

Something for all the senses

There are many elements that feed into a guest’s experience at your restaurant. Before they even take their first bite, all the many details of the restaurant’s environment will influence how appetising they find their meal. Use this to your advantage!

  • A splash of colour goes a long way

    LinStyle® napkins come in a wide range of classic and contemporary colours, including the four latest additions: Aqua blue, Coral, Mustard and Anthracite grey. We’ve made it easy to create a tablescape that embodies the theme and brand of your restaurant, whether you’re serving cutting-edge haute cuisine or timeless, feel-good recipes. And for a truly customised experience, explore the Custom Print option.

  • New brochure about food and napkin matching

    When it comes to food, the eyes can be a more influential judge than the tastebuds. Research shows that colours surrounding a dish can significantly affect taste perception. We found this compelling so we teamed up with expert food stylist and chef Linda Lundgren to create a brochure on food and napkin pairing. Scroll down to download the brochure and find the perfect pairing colours for your cuisine. 

  • Scroll down to download the brochure

  • How do you make a dessert taste sweeter?

    Instead of adding sugar, try serving it with a coral napkin.