Tork manufacturer Essity shares sustainability knowledge to support the hospitality industry

The sustainability credentials of Tork manufacturer Essity are core to the business.  The company is featured in the 2022 FTSE4Good global sustainability index and was awarded a “Platinum Medal” in the 2022 Ecovadis CSR Rating. This places Essity in the top one per cent of all companies to be assessed by Ecovadis.

“As a global leader in professional hygiene it is our mission to facilitate a sustainable life while you are away from your home.” said Reneé Remijnse, Essity’s Professional Hygiene, Sustainability Communications Director.  “And this we do by coming up with circular solutions, creating more from less and by improving the well-being of employees in the workplace.”

In a new Tork sustainability guide for restaurants, Essity are sharing accumulated knowledge from over 50 years of experience within the food service industry alongside brand-new knowledge on relevant topics for the industry.

The guide focuses on sustainability, an increasingly important issue facing the food service industry. Sustainability issues concerning packaging and single-use items for example, have a direct effect on food service businesses.  

A recent study by Essity found Brits buy over 3.2 billion drinks in paper cups every year – just under two billion of which won’t make their way into an appropriate recycling bin.  What this really means, is visualised in a new video

The good news is there are options available, reusable cups are clearly the preferred option, but where single-use cups are needed, the National Cup Recycling Scheme can offer businesses a solution. The scheme makes it really easy for people to dispose of their paper cups responsibly, as and when they want to.

Renee, said: “Some of the biggest and most popular high street chains, including Costa Coffee, Greggs, Café Nero, and McDonalds, are part of the scheme which allows people to buy their drink from one shop and drop their empty cup into a recycling bin at another. There are approximately 5,000 recycling points throughout the UK.

The cups are then collected on a regular basis, where they are taken to our factory, stripped of their plastic coating, and then recycled back into fibre products such as Tork paper towels and napkins.”

In addition, Essity has joined the 1.5 degree business ambition and is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050, the latest.  More information on how businesses can join us in working together to help you achieve your environmental goals will be shared in our 1st Tork Net Zero digital event, register for free here.

Running a restaurant is not easy. Every customer is a critic and food is not the only thing they are reviewing. In the extremely competitive restaurant industry, guest experience and personal connection with guests are becoming more important, but when stressed restauranteurs are focused on running their business, that personal contact can get lost. This can impact reviews and consequently profitability.

By helping restaurateurs with their everyday tasks, both big and small, Tork provides support to allow restaurateurs to have a greater focus on their guest’s and giving them that personal connection that can lead to better reviews.

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