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Increase drive thru staff efficiency with one simple change

According to a survey from NRA, nearly 70% of American adults are now more likely to order takeout than they were pre-pandemic .  As consumers are eating more off-premise, restaurants are facing the challenge of delivering great meals at top speed. At the same time, guest expectations on safe and hygienic delivery have increased.  Many operators are struggling with understaffing and are exploring ways to make better use of staff member’s time. Solutions that fit into existing workflow and save time on frequently performed tasks will increase efficiency and keep guests coming back. 

Today 52% of quick-service restaurant orders are drive thru .  Because of this, the drive thru experience is not only an extension of the restaurant experience, in some cases it is the only encounter a customer will have with an operator. As a result, restaurants have to find ways to optimise the guest experience in the drive thru setting. This could include having drive thru staff meet customers outside or making sure to prepare the window with all supplies needed. These are smart ways to offer fast service. One often overlooked opportunity to save time is paper consumables such as napkins. In an industry survey Tork found that 63% of restaurant staff think handling waste from paper products like kitchen paper, napkins, and hand towels takes too much time .  With restaurants nearly 800,000 jobs below their pre-pandemic employment peak it is time for operators to take a hard look to find if their current napkin solution is supporting a more efficient restaurant or not.
Both restaurant managers and staff struggle to make the most of time, resources and trying to meet higher expectations on hygiene with smaller staff teams. Being a partner, we want to contribute and develop products that can help managers reach their goals and improve their business. We know that takeout and delivery are here to stay. With the upgraded Tork Xpressnap® Drive Thru Napkin Dispenser we hope to increase efficiency and help staff provide a great customer experience”, says Frank Strak, Global Brand Director Professional Hygiene at Tork, an Essity brand. 
The upgraded Tork Xpressnap Drive Thru Napkin Dispenser is designed to keep the drive thru queue moving with efficiency and hygiene in mind. This napkin system dispenses neatly folded napkin bundles that offer a better presentation to guests than when using a basket of napkins, a common set up for drive thrus.  Because napkins are kept in the fully enclosed dispenser they are protected and more hygienic than when using a basket. The system is also easy to use for staff, with an intuitive two button design which can deliver multiples of napkins quickly. 
As a part of the Tork Xpressnap family, the Tork Xpressnap Drive Thru Napkin Dispenser allows for managers to consolidate to one napkin for all needs because it uses the same napkin as Tork Xpressnap dispensers for tables and counters.  Tork Xpressnap helps businesses stay in control of time and napkin consumption by minimising staff time spent on refilling, reordering, and handling napkin waste. A simple solution that allows staff to focus on serving up quality delivery experiences at top speed.  
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