Tork Soft Coreless Mid-Size Toilet Roll Premium

  • Tork Soft Coreless Mid-Size Toilet Roll Premium
  • Tork Soft Coreless Mid-Size Toilet Roll Premium
  • Tork Soft Coreless Mid-Size Toilet Roll Premium
  • Tork Soft Coreless Mid-Size Toilet Roll Premium

Article: 472585

Colour: White

EAN: 7322540657555

Quality level: Premium

The Tork Twin Coreless Mid-size Toilet Roll Dispenser system is ideal for low- to medium-traffic washrooms with high focus on guest satisfaction. It ensures high efficiency and that toilet paper is always available for guests by holding two full mid-size rolls. The Premium Tork Soft Coreless Mid-size Toilet Roll offers a superior look and feel with the right performance.

  • Coreless rolls produce no waste
  • Compact mid-sized rolls: Each is equivalent to 4-5 conventional toilet rolls
  • Soft tissue with high brightness for a premium image
  • Discreet embossing for a good impression
  • Tork Easy Handling™ E-handle makes carrying paper rolls effortless for cleaning staff
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Product certificates

FSC MIX Credit TT-COC-002080
FSC MIX Credit TT-COC-002080
Tork Easy Handling®: Packaging that’s easier to carry, open and dispose of
Tork Easy Handling®: Packaging that’s easier to carry, open and dispose of
EU Ecolabel SE/004/001
EU Ecolabel SE/004/001

Product data

SystemT7 - Midsize Coreless System
Roll Length92 m
Roll Width9.3 cm
Roll Diameter13.1 cm
Number of Sheets800
Sheet Length11.5 cm

Shipping data

Consumer unit

Height93 mm
Width130 mm
Length130 mm
Volume1.6 dm3
Net weight257 g
Gross weight257 g
Packing materialnone

Transport unit

Consumer units36
Height186 mm
Width390 mm
Length780 mm
Volume56.6 dm3
Net weight9.2 kg
Gross weight9.3 kg
Packing materialPlastic


Consumer units648
Transport unit18
Height1277 mm
Width1000 mm
Length1200 mm
Volume1 m3
Net weight166.3 kg
Gross weight168.1 kg

Environmental info


The product is made from

Virgin pulp

The packaging material is made from paper or plastic.


Virgin fibres

Virgin pulp fibres are produced out of softwood or hardwood. The wood is subject to chemical and/or mechanical processes where the cellulose fibres are separated out and lignin and other residuals are removed.

Bleaching is a cleaning process of the fibres and the aim is to achieve a bright pulp, but also to get a certain purity of the fibre in order to achieve the demands for hygiene products and in some cases to meet the requirements for food safety.

There are different methods used today for bleaching: ECF (elementary chlorine free, where chlorine dioxide is used, and TCF (totally chlorine free) where ozone, oxygen and hydrogen peroxide is used.


All chemicals (process aids as well as additives) are assessed from an environmental, occupational health and safety and product safety point of view.

To control product performance we use additives:

  • Wet strength agents (for Wipers and Hand Towels)
  • Dry strength agents (is used together with mechanical treatment of the pulp to make strong products like wipers)
  • For coloured papers dyes and fixatives (to secure perfect fastness of the colour) are added
  • For printing products printing inks (pigments with carriers and fixatives) are applied
  • For multi ply products we often use water soluble glue to secure the integrity of the product

In most of our mills we do not add optical brighteners.

We do not use softeners for professional hygiene products.

High product quality is secured through quality and hygiene management systems throughout production, storage and transport.

In order to maintain a stable process and product quality the paper manufacturing process is supported by the following chemicals/process aids:

  • defoamers (surfactants and dispersing agents)
  • pH-control (sodium hydroxide and sulphuric acid)
  • retention aids (chemicals that help to agglomerate small fibres to prevent fibre loss)
  • Coating chemicals (that help to control the creping of the paper to make it soft and absorbent)

To reuse broke we use:

  • Pulping aid (chemicals that help to repulp wet strong paper)

In the cleaning of our waste water we use flocculation agents and nutritients for the biological treatment to secure that no negative impact on water quality comes from our mills.


Fulfilment of Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (94/62/EC): Yes

Article creation date and latest article revision

Date of issue: 2019-03-06

Revision date: 2019-08-17


This product is produced at HONDOUVILLE mill, FR and certified according to BRC-IoP, FSC Chain-Of-Custody, ISO 14001 (Environmental management systems), ISO 9001, and OHSAS 18001.


This product is suitable to be taken care of in the normal sewage system of the community.

Essity Hygiene and Health AB, 405 03 GÖTEBORG, Sweden

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Tork Twin Coreless Mid-size Toilet Roll Dispenser

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Tork Twin Coreless Mid-size Toilet Roll Dispenser

Article number 472019

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