Tork Sustainability Report


Tork sets itself three sustainability targets

The latest Tork Sustainable Life Trend Report sets out the brand’s key ambitions. “We aim to raise hygiene standards for everyone while also improving well-being in the workplace,” says Essity’s communications director Reneé Remijnse. “And by 2030 we want 60 per cent of all our innovations to be people-centric.”
Tork aims to design products and services for a circular society. One example is Tork PaperCircle®, described by Remijnse as the world’s first recycling service for paper hand towels.
Tork PaperCircle takes customers’ used paper towels to local recycling facilities and turns them into products such as toilet tissue and couch rolls. The service is said to be capable of reducing a customer’s carbon footprint for hand towels by 40 per cent.
Tork PaperCircle is already in operation in a number of European countries including Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands with plans in the pipeline for a wider roll-out. “We’ve had interested parties from all over the world visiting our mills and we expect to see some great new collaborations,” said Remijnse.
The Tork “more from less policy” is about supporting sustainable consumption and ensuring that all Tork dispensers are designed to naturally reduce over-use and waste by giving out one sheet of paper or shot of soap at a time.
The Tork brand is also seeking to improve the sustainability of its manufacturing processes. “Our target for 2030 is to come up with better solutions that lower our environmental footprint by 33 per cent,” said Remijnse.
Tork is a brand of Essity, a global hygiene and health company with a strong sustainability ethic.  Sustainability is an integral part of Essity’s business and the company focuses on issues such as human rights, community relations, responsible sourcing and resource-efficient production.

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