Tork Matic® Extra Long Hand Towel Roll saves time and money at Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Tork has helped Birmingham Children’s Hospital save a projected £66,000 annually by switching to the Tork Matic 1 ply extra long hand towel roll.

When Birmingham Children’s Hospital approached SCA for a solution to reduce costs, a switch to the Tork Matic 1 ply extra long hand towel was suggested by Paula Howard, Essity Healthcare Key Account Manager. Paula explained, “The Tork Matic system helps to improve hygiene standards by providing a fully enclosed system which in turn prevents the risk of users coming into contact with tissue used by others. The single sheet dispensing method of the system also helps to reduce consumption and ultimately to save vital costs.”
Birmingham Children’s Hospital have since seen major savings, and found that the Tork Matic 1 ply hand towel roll has proven to be just as soft as the previous 2 ply hand towels they were using, which combined with the single sheet dispensing of the Tork Matic system has helped achieve an annual projected saving of £66,000.
The trust has found that it’s not only the cost of the product that has delivered savings as the Tork Matic 1 ply hand towel roll has helped reduce maintenance time, with dispensers only requiring loading once every 3 days, a reduction of 70% in refilling time.
The cost savings, the reduction of maintenance time and the quality of the product has led the facilities management to recommend the Tork Matic system and Extra Long Hand Towel Roll to Birmingham Children’s Hospitals sister hospital, Birmingham Women’s Hospital.
  • Extra long roll: fewer refills
  • 70% reduction in labour time, more time for cleaning tasks
  • Reduction in annual maintenance costs
  • Logistic cost reduction
  • Reduction in carbon footprint
  • Paper consumption reduced by 13 tonnes
  • Less waste packaging to dispose

By changing to the Tork Matic 1 ply extra long hand towel roll we have made significant savings and reduced labour time by 70%

BCH Facilities Management