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Tork - providing hygiene tissue solutions

Tork toilet tissue, paper hand towels and soaps are found in millions of washrooms around the world. Tork is a brand of SCA, a global hygiene group and Europe’s largest private forest owner.

 Alongside our washroom products, we also offer an extensive range of wipers and cloths for the industrial and manufacturing sectors, as well as a complete selection of napkin products for the hospitality markets.

And with sustainability always in mind, you can be rest assured Tork products are designed for everyday needs, with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Tork SmartOne® switch

A number of outlets are switching to Tork SmartOne® to help prevent costly blockages.
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Tork Easy Handling™ expansion

Tork Easy Handling™ expansion
A wide range of Tork products now come in Tork Easy Handling™ packaging.
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Second SCA wind farm opens

The second of six SCA wind farms has been opened in Sweden.
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Truth about aircraft germs

Harmful bacteria can live for up to a week on aeroplane surfaces.
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