Minimising environmental impacts, maximising business performance

Today, people want to be as healthy and sustainable as possible, at and away from home. Tork is part of the global hygiene and health company Essity, recognised as one of the world's most sustainable companies. We have integrated sustainability at the core of our business strategy, focusing on where we can have the biggest impact, and have set high ambitions with a focus on contributing to wellbeing, sustainable consumption and a circular society. 

We think ahead to sustainability

Discover how our innovative, sustainable hygiene solutions contribute to accelerating the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

More from Less

At Tork, we are dedicated to developing products and solutions that help our customers minimise waste and do more from less. For us, this means changing how we design and produce products across the entire value chain. 


Hygiene, health and well-being are closely connected. By investing in improved hygiene at your business, you show that you care, seeing the benefits of healthier, less absent staff and more satisfied customers and visitors. At Tork, our ambition is to raise hygiene standards for all and improve well-being in the workplace. We know that well-being is essential for a functioning organisation.

Did you know?

90% of our packaging is made from renewable resources such as recyclable paper or cardboard.


At Tork, circularity means re-thinking the way we do business, using resources more efficiently and reducing waste. Our goal is to design products and services that fit into a circular society. By partnering with like-minded companies, we can close the loop in Professional Hygiene.

We are taking the lead in transforming Professional Hygiene from linear to circular. This requires new business models that address the responsible use of resources through a mind-set of “design, reduce, reuse and recycle”, turning waste into new resources.

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Compared to Tork H2 Universal refills 150299
2-ply napkin in tabletop dispenser compared to Fastfold (Tork Dispenser: 271800 and Tork Refill: 10933)
Estimation based a third-party verified life cycle assessment for EU average conditions, where avoided processes from alternative use of fresh fibres and energy were considered. Potential savings in kg CO2e is calculated based on the result from the life cycle assessment and the collected weight reported to us. Estimate should not be used for carbon footprint calculations or reporting purposes.