Constant freshness for a great washroom experience

Constant freshness for a great washroom experience

70% of customers say that long-lasting performance is the most important factor when choosing an air freshener.* The Tork Constant Air Freshener System delivers a constantly fresh washroom experience.
Tork Constant Air Freshener – Long-lasting scent for great experience

Freshness that lasts

Unique distribution technology** that neutralises odours and unlike many air fresheners has no spray-and-fade effect.

Three carefully selected scents that eliminate bad odours rather than just masking them

Tork Constant Air Freshener – Easy, efficient refilling

Easy to maintain and refill

  • Certified Easy to use for effortless refilling*​** 
  • Install at any height, even under a sink​ 
  • Adjustable intensity to suit needs  
Cleaner standing next to a cleaning trolley with cleaning supplies in a washroom, holding an air freshener refill

IoT connected dispensers

Compatible with Tork Vision Cleaning.  Clean efficiently and avoid run-outs – know when it’s time for a refill or battery change.

There's a Tork air freshener for every washroom

From the latest Tork Constant Air Freshener innovation to spray and tab systems, discover the range here.


* Quantitative market research, Dec 2022, B2B International with 120+ respondents in several countries
** Patented technology based on a proven fuel technology used in the pharmaceutical industry, where precise doses are essential to treat human beings and animals  
*** Certified by the Swedish Rheumatism Association, tested according to The Design for All Test, published in the Swedish Design Research Journal, 2011