Sustaining hygiene compliance and boosting productivity

Hygiene in food processing and boosting productivity

82% of production managers have experienced reduced production due to non-compliance with hygiene protocols during food processing and preservation. In addition to addressing challenges in meeting food safety protocols, production managers need to support productivity and sustainability. Tork provides a range of innovative services to assist your company in complying with strict food industry regulations and standards.*

Food contamination during food processing 

Food contamination happens when bacteria from surfaces or people meet food. It is easy to transfer  microorganisms from yourself to food if you touch your nose, mouth, hair, or clothes. To avoid food contamination, it's important to manage food safety at every stage of production.  

Ways to sustain hygiene adherence compliance in the food processing and preservation industry

In the food processing and preservation industry, maintaining good hygiene is important to protect food from the risk of contamination. This includes protecting food from harmful bacteria, poisons, and foreign bodies, which can lead to the illness of consumers or early spoilage of food.  To maintain a high level of hygiene in food processing facilities, food must be processed and preserved hygienically.  

Monitoring hygiene 

Production managers can introduce numerous ways of working to ensure good food hygiene is maintained right from the start. Cleaning surfaces thoroughly and focusing on high touch points, a good standard of hygiene should be maintained to prevent food safety problems.

Hygiene should be carried out efficiently

Cleaning effectively removes germs from surfaces, equipment, and hands. If your production line cleans as they work, they may minimise mess build-up and promote better sanitary conditions throughout your production line. By increasing levels of food safety, you can help your facility sustain profits and meet its goals.

Hand hygiene 

In production, there can be many hygiene issues. Food poisoning and contamination can occur when production line employees come into contact with different surfaces. Hand hygiene amenities, sanitisers, and paper towels can help your facility promote proper personal hygiene.

Cleaning high touchpoints

The first and most crucial stage in removing bacteria that can lead to food contamination and foodborne illness is cleaning.  So simple tasks like wiping down high touchpoints (like handles and surfaces) are essential to clean and maintaining hygiene in a food processing facility effectively. Here’s what our recent survey of production managers revealed about hygiene in food processing.* 
A man wearing a hairnet pulling a paper hand towel from a dispenser

Purpose-built for food processing environments

High-capacity Tork Washstation System ensures that paper hand towels are always available for handwashing. Its durable, water-resistant design keeps refills protected during spray downs. This also means the dispenser doesn’t need to be covered or removed during cleaning, boosting efficiency during food processing and preservation. 


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* 2021 Survey conducted by PRS Invivo between March 2020 and March 2021. The survey covered in the US and Germany, with 100 respondents in each market. 
** 2021 Survey conducted by PRS Invivo in March 2021. The survey covered in the US and Germany, with 100 respondents in each market.