Tork launches three new luxury soaps

Aimed at upmarket hotels, restaurants, offices, gyms, and spas are three new luxury soap offerings from Tork manufacturer Essity.
Tork Luxury Foam Soap and Tork Luxury Liquid Soap contain natural magnolia extract, known for its relaxing properties.
Tork Luxury Foam Soap is derived from 94 percent natural ingredients1 and has a pleasant hand-feel, while Tork Luxury Liquid Soap is soft and silky and comes from 95 percent natural ingredients1
Also new is Tork Luxury Hair & Body Shower Cream with 94% of ingredients from natural origins. Combining a shampoo, conditioner, and moisturising shower cream in one, this contains argan oil plus an extra conditioner to provide a luxurious shower experience.
All three products have been dermatologically tested while their improved formulations meet stringent new EU Ecolabel criteria.
Customers in facilities such as upmarket hotels, restaurants, spas, and gyms expect a more luxurious washroom experience,” said Essity’s Pilar Jimenez “Our three new offerings fulfill this need and deliver high quality and effective solutions that also address sustainable hygiene expectations and meet ongoing business challenges.
All three products have a fresh new label designed to appeal to upmarket environments. They are housed in a dispenser that is quick to refill and certified as Easy to use.
Essity offers a full range of soaps for use in various sectors. Other recent launches include Tork Antimicrobial Liquid Soap and Tork Odour-Control Hand Washing Liquid Soap, both aimed at chefs and other kitchen workers.
Tork Antimicrobial Hand Washing Liquid Soap contains plant-based ingredients and is highly effective against viruses and bacteria including COVID-19, SARS, and HIV.  It is gentle on the hands and helps to remove food fat residues.
And Tork Odour-Control eliminates pungent food smells such as fish and garlic while also being kind to the hands, even with frequent use2.
1. in line with ISO16128
2. Certified by the Swedish Rheumatism association, tested according to The Design for All Test, published in the Swedish Design Research Journal, 2011

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Amelia Baker, Regional Brand Activation Manager