Tork Interactive Clean Hospital Training helps cleaners secure safe healthcare environments


Tork, an Essity brand, is launching Tork Interactive Clean Hospital Training, an engaging digital training and educational tool to support facilities managers and staff in creating hygienic, safe healthcare environments. Tork also announces the introduction of Tork Microfibre Surface Cleaning Cloths, to help provide staff with a range of high-quality solutions.

Tork Interactive Clean Hospital Training is an online, interactive tool designed to make the training process for cleaning healthcare facilities engaging and efficient. The training is based on the Association for the Health Care Environment’s (AHE) Practice Guidance for Health Care Environmental Cleaning, the go-to resource for best-in-class tools, products, education and training. The exercises aim to ensure that Facilities Managers and their staff carry out tasks according to these recommendations. The training is available in a wide range of languages such as English, Spanish, Arabic and Somali to name a few.

“We know that cleaning managers welcome this type of training and education. As the needs can vary across the organisation and in different parts of a hospital, it is important to have a solution such as Tork Interactive Clean Hospital Training that can be accessed from any device, which allows staff to train in a variety of environments,” said Thomas Bergin, Marketing Director - Healthcare, Essity Professional Hygiene.

Accompanying the Tork Interactive Clean Hospital Training is the “Train-the-Trainer” presentation, a tool developed to help cleaning managers in training their teams. According to the recent Essentials Initiative 2020-2021 survey from Essity, more than 7 out of 10 people say they will have higher expectations on the hygiene standards of hospitals after COVID-19. The results indicate that cleaning staff are more important than ever in helping create hygienic healthcare environments where people can feel safe.

Tork has a strong track recrd and has previously developed other innovative training solutions to help raise the hygiene standard and support clean and safe hospital environments. One of them is the Tork VR Clean Hands training, the first-of-its-kind interactive hand hygiene training, awarded a category winner at the prestigious Interclean Amsterdam Innovation Award this year.

“We are dedicated to helping create safe care environments and ultimately help prevent HAI's. As cleaning staff are the first line of defense it is important that they also get the best tools and training available. We have developed a complete range of services and products to support their important work,” said Thomas Bergin.

Adding to Tork Surface Cleaning Solutions, Tork is also introducing Tork Microfibre Surface Cleaning Cloths. The new cloths provide quality results the first time, allowing staff to move onto the next task, which helps to promote a safe and clean healthcare facility without spending more money.

Learn more: tork.co.uk/surfacehygiene

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