Tork launches new expert service for restaurants to show how better hygiene leads to better staff and guest experience

Challenges facing foodservice
Foodservice is a fast-paced world, and expectations for hygiene, sustainability, and guest experience are higher than ever. Operators know the more seamless the service, the more satisfied the guest – and the more successful the business.
But daily pressures can make it hard to focus time and resources on making business better. In fact:
  • 77% of restaurant employees agree service interruptions affect guest experience, and
  • 3 out of 4 kitchen staff would be happier if their workplace was more organised.1
For many foodservice operators, these challenges can overload an already full plate.
Tork Workflow for Restaurants
That's why Tork, an Essity brand and global leader in professional hygiene, has launched Tork Workflow for Restaurants, an expert consultation designed to improve experiences for both guests and staff, maximize operational efficiency, and ensure a hygienic and sustainable environment throughout restaurants.
Tork Workflow for Restaurants not only provides advice on how to make sure staff always have the hygiene tools they need, but also helps operators, managers, and chefs discover ways to improve staff retention, save costs, and do more with less throughout the restaurant – front of house, back of house and washroom. For example, want to save staff time refilling dispensers while saving money on reduced waste? Look for controlled dispensing systems with higher-quantity refills like those provided by Tork, which can decrease unnecessary consumption yet hold more product to reduce the frequency of refills.
The Tork Workflow for Restaurants Guide is also available for download, which includes tips based on more than 50 years of sustainable hygiene management expertise.
It's a challenging environment and restaurants need support to deliver on guest expectations. With Tork Workflow for Restaurants, help is on the menu.
Today's restaurants are under more pressure than ever to deliver a flawless and differentiating experience. Too often there are important aspects of the workflow that get overlooked – we offer expertise to help find those gaps so our customers can do what they do best.” [Dotti Haynes, Marketing Director Customer Segment HoReCa]
For more information, please visit the Tork website
1. Based on third-party market research in US and Europe, 2020

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