Maximize hygiene, minimize carbon footprint

Maximize hygiene, minimize carbon footprint

Introducing the Tork Xpress Multifold Hand Towel produced with a revolutionary CO2 emission-free paper production process,** resulting in a new hand towel with a 68% carbon footprint reduction.*
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CO2 emission-free process**

We capture locally-sourced wind power and convert it into green hydrogen which powers the papermaking machine, but emits only water.

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Better for the environment

The new paper hand towel is produced using green hydrogen to significantly lower overall carbon emissions.

Want to get ahead of rising green initiatives?

Find a distributor now and help meet your carbon footprint targets without compromising hygiene

A revolutionary production process

“We are pioneering the use of green hydrogen for tissue production.” Magnus Groth, President and CEO, Essity.

* Based on comparison with original Tork product article 120398. The carbon footprint reduction is achieved in the paper production by using energy from green hydrogen generated with wind power, and certified purchased renewable electricity on the paper machine. The carbon footprint of the product is measured with a cradle-to-gate life cycle assessment (LCA), i.e. from raw material extraction to finished product, conducted by Essity and third party verified.
** The paper in the specific hand towel (1,5% of the paper machine capacity) is produced with energy from green hydrogen generated with wind power and certified renewable electricity. This results in no CO2 emissions during paper production process.
*** Excluding refills
**** Estimation based a third-party verified life cycle assessment for EU average conditions, where avoided processes from alternative use of fresh fibres and energy were considered. Potential savings in kg CO2e is calculated based on the result from the life cycle assessment and the collected weight reported to us. Estimate should not be used for carbon footprint calculations or reporting purposes.