Minimise carbon impact

Minimise carbon impact

As of May 2023, we offer 27 existing Tork dispensers in Europe (excluding France) with carbon neutral* certification.

The carbon emissions for these dispensers are reduced and compensated across the entire life cycle** – from raw materials to end of life. 

A woman washes her hands and another woman using a paper towel dispenser

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Maximise hygiene, minimise carbon impact


Reduced and compensated carbon emissions 

All Tork carbon neutral dispensers are produced using certified renewable electricity. To reach carbon neutral, the remaining carbon emissions have been compensated through investment in climate projects with verified organisation, ClimatePartner.

Meaningful carbon compensation 

For the compensation, Tork works with ClimatePartner, a member of the International Carbon & Offset Alliance. They only accept projects with trustworthy standards like the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), the Gold Standard, and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).




Climate projects for people and planet

Carbon emissions are compensated with certified and regularly monitored projects. From supplying clean drinking water in Cambodia to protecting forests in Indonesia. And investing in energy-saving cookstoves in India combined with recovering plastic*** along beaches.

Sustainable hygiene management

Tork products and services help reduce the impact on people and planet. We focus on key topics that matter to us, your business and your customers. From certified fibres, to renewable packaging, and recycling schemes like Tork PaperCircle®. We also focus on people with accessible and easy to use hygiene for all.

Our focus areas for sustainability: well-being, materials & packaging, use & waste and carbon



* Reduced with certified renewable electricity and compensated with climate projects
** Excluding refills
*** Does not compensate carbon emissions