What's your colour?

Colours affect the mood and behaviour of humans. And although there are many aspects within a restaurant that affects the experience of a guest – colour is a critical one. To provide inspiration and food for thought around colours, Tork has used brain wave technology to measure how guests react to different colours.

The colour restaurant experiment

16 guests equipped with brain wave headsets experienced 8 environments in 8 different colours. Each setting was designed with restaurant attributes completely covered in a monochrome colour – from walls and floor to furniture and tableware. 

For each colour experience the guests were asked to taste a drink and a miniature macaron cookie – identical in all aspects except for the colour, matched to the surrounding environment. For every setting, brain activity and heart rate was measured, alongside a questionnaire to inventory the reactions from the participants. All data from the testing has been analysed to create a profile for each colour.


Macaron cookies in eight different colours, but with the same taste - served throughout all colour environments in the experiment.

“Goethe created the first colour theory in 1810. This isn’t an ambition to challenge existing theory but rather contribute with additional colour insights, specifically related to a restaurant environment.”

Catherine d’Hubert, European Assortment Manager for Tabletop at Tork

Find your colour!

The results have been turned into a colour guide for your restaurant.