Equipped to Improve

Equipped to Improve

A guide to improving productivity.

How to improve productivity with preventive maintenance in manufacturing

The last thing you want in manufacturing is downtime. But with gradual, continuous improvements in your organisation, you can significantly increase production, quality and delivery while reducing costs. 

Machine operators usually work closest to the zones where problems or obstacles arise.  Their role is crucial in implementing a preventive maintenance strategy and ensuring productivity in the manufacturing industry. By implementing a lean management system, autonomous cleaning and preventive maintenance, faults may be discovered, and accidents and interruptions averted. 

Implement a lean management system

Implementing a lean management system can help improve production and productivity in your organisation. The Lean Management System (LMS) is an approach that will help your organisation to improve its performance in terms of quality, time, and customer satisfaction while helping to reduce costs. The meaning of lean production is simply a set of practices and tools used for continuous improvement. Lean management systems will also help your organisation improve its industrial productivity by eliminating unnecessary activities and processes. Implementing a lean management system can also reduce manufacturing waste. 
Once your organisation has implemented a lean management system, it's a good idea to perform a quality control check. This will help to ensure that customers receive defect-free products that meet their needs. 

A guide to improving production and productivity

Jonas Svanäng, a continuous improvement and kaizen management consultant, provides recommendations and insight for increasing plant and machine productivity in Equipped to Improve™ – a guide to improving production and productivity. Continuous improvement can come from unexpected places. Learn how to improve productivity with preventative maintenance.

Equip every workstation with cleaning equipment

To implement preventative maintenance and autonomous cleaning in your operations, you should equip every workstation with cleaning equipment. Having cleaning supplies close by will allow machine operators to undertake autonomous cleaning. Consequently, productivity will improve since it will be done more regularly. It's also more efficient for workers than going off to find supplies. Tork can help you with smart, innovative solutions and make sure you are equipped to improve.  

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