Try our Motion Waste Calculator!

Try our Motion Waste Calculator!

Discover how much time you can save every day by reducing unnecessary interruptions for your workers.

Reduce waste with Tork Performance dispensers

Did you know that the placement of wipes can have a direct effect on the amount of motion and inventory waste on your site?

20 interruptions per day 

A Tork study* has shed light on the surprising fact that 44% of workers are interrupted 20 times per day because they have to get and dispose of wiping and cleaning products. The same study also revealed that 74% take more wipes than they need if wipes are not close at hand.  

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Purmo Group

Tork Performance® wiper systems helped reduce waste & improve efficiency for the Purmo group.
  • 60 minutes time savings
  • 80% reduction in contaminated waste disposal costs

See the impact of Tork Performance dispensers

Tork Performance® dispensers reduce the number of steps taken by machine operators.


*Tork machine operator research, (July 2019)